Big Bro!!

Just received this link from Appa about Arun!
This is impressive stuff. I could rave on and on about Arun – but the best part is that he’s always big brother and has been instrumental in me deciding to commit my life to Christ, switch over to Christian music and get my priorities right in life. He’s also been a source of inspiration and solutions in many times of crises that we have faced as a family. His dependance on prayer and Christ have inspired many people.
We share a lot in common especially the way we look (although my hair is better combed and you’ll never catch me in a suit!!)
Now the link above may not tell you the things I’ve said above, but ….. it is impressive right!!
You can see his homepage here –
Just run a google search for him – you’ll never reach the end of the results page!
Anyway…. just felt like bragging about my big brother tonight.
I just had a haircut and now it’s time to quickly shower and get back to the library. Less than a week for my practical exams!!!

Author: Benji

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