Face to face with Becky… at last again!

I had to goto Vellore tomorrow and hence decided to drop into Chennai for the weekend…. and as you can guess the main purpose for that was to meet up with Becky. I reached Chennai last night and was very excited. After going to church I could barely contain my excitement and soon I was excitedly speaking to her on the phone as we went to pick her up at her church (Ashraya).
I stepped out of the car and my heart skipped a beat as Becky walked out towards me. She was wearing a blue kurta with jeans and looked beautiful. This was the first time we were meeting after we said Yes to each other and the moment was terrific!!
We then came home, had lunch, saw photos. Becky, her brother (Peter) and I then went off to drop Peter at the bus stop and Becky and I soon disappeared to Cafe Coffee Day. It was a big disappointment as it was too crowded and we had to ‘share’ our table with some more people. Lousy waiter!!!
We then enjoyed a ‘close ride’ on a share auto back to Blue Star and then the walk back home.
We then sneaked up to the terrace and just sat and spoke to each other still feeling awe-struck at how things were going..
We then went Sari shopping for her and managed to get a nice Sari for the engagement. After a brief dinner we had to drop her off at home and we then drove back… me feeling all empty again but knowing that the rest of eternity was ours together…..

Author: Benji

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