Christmas alone

Yup…. I know the title of this post sounds depressing and dismal, but thats how my Christmas was supposed to be! Alone on call, rounds, lazing in the quarters etc etc…..?
Actually it turned out much better than that!!
First of all I spoke to Becky…. that made the day so much better even before it started! Then, there were not too many patients – so I actually managed to go to church for the first time this month in Trichy! And after rounds Sandeep invited Prakash and me for lunch and soon we were having a great lunch and lovely time with his parents and sister.
I also managed to rest a little in the afternoon and after a couple of loooong chats with Becky, home etc etc, went to sleep satisfied that although I seemed to be alone….. I’m not!! Here’s a pic of the star I tried to hang outside my quarters to make it seem very christmassy….

Author: Benji

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