A setback

I’ve been waiting for my results for quite some time ago and tonite when I rechecked the university website The update showed that the results had come in.
I checked in and got a rude shock. It said “Result withheld (in view of thesis)”.
There was a flood of thoughts racing through my mind and threw it into turmoil. Did I have to repeat my exams again? Was my thesis rejected? Did this mean quitting my job and getting back to Vellore to sort out things? How disappointed would my parents be? What would Becky think?
Somehow the doubts settled and I realised that it would take patience, a few phonecalls and a trip to Vellore to sort out stuff. There were several candidates who’d had this happen and things sorted out with a little effort, patience and some waiting.
My parents seemed understanding and Becky was very supportive about it.
I’ll update you once the letter from the university comes and I know what exactly I have to do… till then…. do pray for me!

Author: Benji

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