And now…. my turn to surprise

Finally a plan fell into my mind and I managed to leave Vellore by 8.30 AM and reach Chennai by 12 noon. After a quick lunch I planned to goto Beckys clinic and surprise her!! S and J offered to drop me as they were going to visit his sister close to Beckys house. Halfway through the journey Becky seemed to get a whiff of the surprise but S and J managed to quickly adapt the plan and they said they were coming to see her on the way. I kept calling and pretending I had just left to Chennai. I got off on the street before her house and J and S went in to see her. She was apparently disappointed I wasnt there, Under the pretext of taking her out to lunch they loaded her into the car and slowed down where I was hiding (J and S are experts at conning!) and I popped into the car from behind and watched Becky screaming with surprise!!! Awesome – even a bird-brain like me could surprise my fiance YEeeeeaaaaaah!!!!
We had lunch and then S and J picked us back to Annanagar.
We had an awesome time at dinner – the Tituses and the Rosses and of course Becky. After a little confusion about how to get Becky back, my dad finally decided to race her back home and we all came back tired!! Tomorrow S flies back in the morning and that means another early day….. and I’m still reeling at the wonderful day its been!!

Author: Benji

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