Have you ever looked at your name and regretted that you were called by that name? Probably no!
Let me introduce you to a person who feels that way and also a phenomenon you hoped never existed. She is Pothumponnu and her frail, preterm baby is right now in our nursery getting stronger everyday. So what does her name mean? Pothumponnu, in tamil, means “Enough girl”. She was called that because she was the third girl born to her mother and the family regretted it as they wanted a boy and they felt naming her that would put an end to their chances of getting another girl child. She has lived 20 years with that name – 20 years of waking up everyday realising she was an unwanted child. She has obviously gotten over it and is moving on in life, but I wonder why she hasnt changed her name as yet.
Evey child is a gift from God and it is time many communities in India break free from the belief that a boy child is more profitable and better than a girl child and that a girl child is more difficult to bring up – especially as marriage expenses and dowry (an illegal practice) mean more expenses.
I wish we could get the message across and this generation at least will realise that and break free from these social chains that bind.
I’m sure God is concerned about this trend and He would love to use you and me to send this message across. Just Do It!!

Author: Benji

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