The garage floor

Everyday I zoom into my ‘garage’ on my bike and park it there. Its nothing spectacular. My Kinetic Honda just lines up with a few other macho bikes in the common shed/garage in front of the apartment. A total of 6 of us use up the space efficiently with a kids bike thrown in usually! The floor is as messy as it can be. The shed does not have a door so it gets very dusty and has a lot of leaves and cobwebs around. Luckily the bikes are in pretty good shake – so theres not much oil on the floor and it does not have the oil-leak smell on it! But I wonder how I can ever clean it up!
The sorry state of the garage makes me think of the cobweb-ridden room I stayed in. Cobweb-ridden because I was too lazy to clean it! Those cobwebs actually inspired me to write a short article about how God cleans you up – read it here.
Are you ready to get cleaned….. my garage shed definitely needs it!

Author: Benji

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