Oops I did it again!

state bank of India
Today was the Bank Day. I finally got the time to go to the bank to deposit our salaries. No problems. Took the cash, kick-started my bike, took the short trip to the bank and deposited the amount and got my passbook updated. I also spoke to the manager about an option called SBplus which would earn better interest rates for my money and will probably shift to that option soon. Feeling like I’d done a good job I rode back home, climbed up the stairs and was about to ring the doorbell when I saw it….. I had locked Becky inside the house! It was by force of habit – most times when I leave the house I lock it, and this time it was a reflex action. Fortunately Becky hadnt even noticed it and I had taken very little time!! It gave her an excuse to give me that very cross, oh-men-are-like-that-only look which I actually find cute!! Anyway all’s well that ends well and we had an awesome lunch and then had a looooong chat with how to save money and invest etc. A very useful day it was!!

Author: Benji

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