Room with a view!

How romantic and refreshing! The very thought of waking up in the morning or coming back home after a tired days work – and throwing open the bedroom curtains and gaze out of the windows; sipping on a cup of hot coffee with soft music floating down from the speakers. To dream and plan your day, your future and your life. It should‘ve been that way – but one look at the album here which shows the view out of our bedroom window and you’ll understand why the above thoughts are just a figment of my imagination!!
Its gut wrenching – the window looks onto a garbage pile across the road and there are usually a set of eager animals feasting on the contents. The dudes seem to have a little timetable – so the donkeys, pigs, goats and the street dogs have their fill and dont interfere with each other!! The pigs look lousy but make cute sounds while the donkeys look cute and make lousy noises. the dogs are variable.
Luckily thats all there is to it- there is no smell or rabid sound that drifts into our room and unless you decide to peer out you’d never even know there’s garbage and wildlife across the street! But we do know that there are big monstrous trucks and buses zipping past with big airhorns and drivers whose fingers are stuck to the horns and whose feet are attached to the accelerator! And sometimes the whole apartment shakes as the rip past!!
Life in Trichy is soooooooo exciting!

Author: Benji

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