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I started this a few years ago when airtel allowed us to send free / cheap SMS. I soon had more than 100 contacts (Indian and International) who subscribed and were receiving cool Christian quotes/ thoughts every week or so. The process took quite some time. It was easy on my old Nokia and when I got my Sony it became a little more difficult and over the last couple of months there were lots of sending errors. A few weeks ago I bumped into my friend Bijoi online and he introduced me to a service that allows you to do it online for free and with just a single click! It saved me a lot of time and effort – no more hitting send a hundred timed etc etc – type it in and click send to all!
If you still are not a subscriber do it now – its FREE.
Click here to add your mobile number to the list and receive free uplifting SMS from me @!
I thank God for this service and the amount of time it saves me. Needless to say I am very regular in sending out the SM now – you can see the list of thoughts / quotes sent here @ SMSgupshup

Author: Benji

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