Today was Beckys birthday! And that meant a lot of things to try and make it memorable for her (and me!) to be executed by this blog author – me!
I simply threw in a standard cocktail – her favorite cake and some snacks (including her favorite Mysore Pak sweet!) and called up the other docs to barge in at 12 MN! That would be a great way to start. So there we were 12 Midnight – Praburam and Rajendran at a movie theater; Arun and Catherine sleeping beyond chance of waking and Gokul and Prakash not responding to SMS/Missed calls. My plans seemed to be ready to vaporise. Finally at 12.15 there was a hushed knock on the door – I opened it with enthusiasm and there was Prakash in Pajamas – Er… am I late. It started as a whimper but soon Gokul brought in the cake and Rajendran and Praburam zoomed back with Ben dropping in and Lakshmi also joining us. After the bash it was nighty night and lights off. I managed to make a hurried breakfast for Becky. In between all her trillion phonecalls she hogged it. And then I tried my luck – snooped out of work an hour early and bought some minced meat and after a long desperate phonecall wo my mom there I was trying to make Kothu Curry. Vessles, fire, masala, vegetable pieces and water were flying all around the kitchen as Becky walked in from work looking puzzled at the mayhem! It was actually great – well cooked and tasty!! And then the best part – i dont believe in coincidences; only God-incidences. I had ordered a pearl necklace and earring set for Becky 10 days ago and had hoped it would come in a few days ago so I could gift it to her. But God had a better plan – we were lounging on the sofa in the afternoon when the doorbell rang and there was the courier guy with the gift. (I still haven’t gotten over this awesome timing!!).
Then amidst another zillion phonecalls she got the cookies Sheba had sent!
We then had a quiet dinner at The Sangam Coffee house (Cascade) and wound up the blessed day!
Its simply awesome when you rake up a few odds and ends ideas for a birthday and God puts all the pieces together to create a beautiful day!!

Author: Benji

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