Fire, Flames, Wind, Water and …… Chocolate!

Ain’t that a great, weird combo! Here’s the story
The afternoon saw me riding on the scooter riding to ABT Maruti to check the car out. He said it was the battery that had conked. But poor me – scooting around under the searing heat of the sun – FIRE!
The evening saw Becky and me checking out a new restaurant in Trichy that served great burgers and fried chicken (KFC beware!). The name of the restaurant – FLAMES!
We left the restaurant and were greeted by a strong gust that churned the dust and blinded our eyes –
And then to top off the element-filled day thunder rolled and soon we were drenched – RAIN!
Finally late in the night Beckys mom landed up at home and guess what she brought with her – CHOCOLATE!
Five moments; Five elements! Another day (How could a day that ended with loads of home-made chocolate and brownies not be great!)

Author: Benji

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