Fully licensed!

I finally got my Permanent 4-wheeler driving license today.
Getting the license was not difficult – a couple of months ago I got my learners license after enrolling at a driving school and signing a few forms.
Today, along with a few others from the driving school I drove down to the RTO office 10 km away and managed to finish off the formalities and the driving test.
This was another day that God showed in subtle ways how much he cared.
For one, a person who had come last week told me that the crowd the previous week was a lot and the queues were much longer.
Also, the tests are conducted in the open – and in the even of rain everyone gets sent back! Although it threatened to rain, ultimately what we had was cool climate. It drizzled a little on the way back!
So finally the bright re “L” board can come off the car!

Author: Benji

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