Beautiful sentence

One of the features on my website is the A2J SMS service where I send Christian quotes to people who opt in. Once in a while I get people abroad who also subscribe.
To tell you the truth I’ve been a little lax and the frequency of messages I send out has been drastically reduced – just my laziness.
Today I received an SMS from a person in Iran.
“Hi, excuse me. How can I receive more beautiful sentence, like the sentence that you send to me?!”
His name is Ali and he had subscribed a few weeks ago and I had sent him this message when he joined, “If you forget to forgive, you have forgotten that you are forgiven”.
I’m amazed that people all over the world are get encouraged!
I don’t know who you are Ali, but thank you for nudging me and encouraging me to be more regular in this service! God bless you.

Author: Benji

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