The end of the service

It was a frustrating evening at church. I was on call and kept getting phonecalls during the service – all of them minor issues that could be settled over the phone. I missed most of the message and the worship. I decided to leave as soon as the message was over so i could rush back to the hospital just to make sure everything was OK. But Becky decided we’d stay till the very end and speak to the pastor. Grudgingly I obliged. At the end of the service after we had a pleasant chat with the pastor and his parents a lady walked up to me and asked me to see a child who was a little sick. The whole family had been saved from the brink of suicide just a week ago and today one of the children fell sick – she was vomiting and quite dehydrated.
I had to admit her and she needed IV fluids and also some injections. She got better and was discharged after 2 days.
If i had simply left the church early, i would not have been able to see this child or treat her! Thank God for a wife who ensured I stayed till the end of the service, a lady and other church members who had helped save a family.
Although I could not hear the sermon today i felt I learned so much more at church – just by staying till the end of the service!

Author: Benji

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