The Return!

In protest against the terrible verdicts recently in the Indian courts relating to drunk driving and rape, I hereby return all the awards I have won in the last few years…… and then I come to the terrible realisation that I don’t really have any awards to return. Guess I’ll just relax and have myself a merry little Christmas and a blessed New Year with friends and family.

This is what I penned as my status update on Facebook. Although written in a lighter vein, I hope you understand the deeper layers in my thoughts.
While I am deeply confused by recent verdicts in cases in the Indian judiciary with regards to a Hit and Run and a Rape, I really don’t seem to be able to do anything about it other than venting. I can probably make people more aware of these incidents and verdicts and spread the message.  I don’t have any awards that I can return or symbolically make a stronger, more impactful protest. However, in spite of these incidents, my normal life goes on – my impact on family, friends, colleagues, patients, students are all real and non-imaginary. Each of us will impact the world in our own little ways. We may not be able to single handedly  remove corruption and injustice; we may feel helpless; but remember that a positive impact around you is a great way to start!

Author: Benji

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