The rains have started again in Tamilnadu and Chennai is bracing itself for another round of floods and boats. Some random thoughts that came to my mind:
1. The floods show the risk of trying to build an economically attractive city on an infrastructurally weak foundation.
2. If only the people stopped throwing garbage down the drains (literally) and the government stopped throwing the tax money down the drain (figuratively) the flood situation would not have been so pathetic.
3. As the officials proudly announced school and college leave in view of rains and flood, another basic right of children – education – was taken away. Food supply was threatened and Shelter was compromised already.
4. Chennaiites have an amazing sense of humour and resilience.  Is it Singara Chennai or Sinkagura Chennai (You will need to understand Tamil to catch that!
5. Never trust Tamil News Channels! Depending on their political affiliation these channels either showed opposition leaders saving people with their bare hands or relayed cooking shows as if nothing happened! In most places natural disasters unite people and political parties as they rally to shelter lives….. not in India!
I am not posting pictures here – there are some genuine ones and a lot of fake pictures doing the rounds on Facebook, whatsapp and twitter.

Author: Benji

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