Boldly I approach – worship at Peniel Tabernacle

It was touch and go – exams at VIT and incessant rains meant worship at church today could end up being minimalist. After a few text messages, the team was assembled. Dan hopped onto a bus at Bagayam and made it to Hospital before it rained too much. I picked her up and drove through slushy roads to pick up Sam. Andrew couldn’t join us as the bass guitar was not working. Arpudh whizzed in from Karagiri.
We entered a dark church with no electricity. Power had been out 4 times since the morning and the generator was not working. We also didn’t have a laptop! Would we end up with acoustic worship as we struggled to remember full lyrics?!

I’d chosen the theme “Boldly I approach” for worship based on Hebrews 14:6 and Rend Collectives song. Everything fell in place. The power came back half an hour before the service started. Gladwin filled in to help with the sound and Christina’s laptop made it on time for us to transfer the powerpoint (thanks to Gladwins thumb drive as both mine failed!). Kristin and Christina joined in for vocals and we started off with resounding praise as the church joined in. The worship took us on a journey of opening our eyes to see Jesus, being surrounded by his beauty as we boldly approached Him. Even though  “Boldly I approach” was a new song for our church, a lot of people joined in. This is the songlist:
1. Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
2. Open The Yes of my Heart (Paul Baloche)
3. Open my eyes Lord
4. Turn your eyes upon Jesus
5. Boldly I approach (Rend Collective)
6. When I look into your Holiness
7. Blessed Assurance (Fanny Crosby)
This is the first time I have tried a Rend Collective song. Even with my limited guitar and vocal skills it was playable! You should read my post Discovering Rend Collective to understand why this is special to me!

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