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800 to 1600 grams in 60 days

Grace delivered her baby 2 months ago. The baby was all of 800 grams! She was one of the smallest babies we have ever managed. Against all odds she literally cruised her way out of nursery with just minor problems – some jaundice, a touch of oxygen, a blood transfusion. She literally grew in front of our eyes and today is fit for discharge! Just another time in my life when I realise that even with very little help God’s little babies have their own way of facing the world! So here is the little one – in an oversized sweater looking cute and ready to face the world.

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In the pink of health

I couldn’t resist sharing this pic on my blog! This sight greeted me when I entered the Nursery. For some reason the babies on one side had pink dresses and pink sheets. I found it pretty cute. Click the picture to view a larger photo.

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A question of affordability

Today had several things that were out of the ordinary. I was alone in OPD and we had a record 51 children who came to the OPD. I had to do a bone marrow and did it alone at around 4 PM – after I had a hurried lunch. The ward was so full that I had to shift the stable children to other wards.But what I remember most is R – a chirpy 6 year old girl who has a deformed right arm from birth. She had come to us 3 weeks ago with fever and anemia and since we suspected Leukemia we had sent her to CMC for confirmatory tests. She came back with a confirmed diagnosis of…

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My presentation on Migraine almost caused me a major headache. Everything fell apart in the last minute and then miraculously came back together in the last second!I had finished preparing the presentation about an hour early and was ready to go. Unfortunately the CD burner was giving errors and my USB drive was in the car. As B was just finishing her presentation preparation too and was about to burn it on a CD I called her up and said I would email it to her so she could add mine also.The email reached her in 5 minutes.Blackout – total power cut!Luckily B had a laptop and the battery would last 1 hour. She could burn the CD. I got…

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Exchange transfusion x 2

We’ve done it once in the past 2 years and this weekend we did it twice! Exchange transfusions have been rare at our hospital, but yesterday I ended up with a neonate with Rh iso-immunisation and hemolytic jaundice and did an exchange transfusion. Betsy helped out and the procedure went on well even though Praburam was not around.Unfortunately today the jaundice started increasing again and Betsy also was not around. I ended up doing the second exchange transfusion alone with the help of nurses. Both times we did it late in the night, but thankfully things went on well and the baby had no problems! Praburam and I have always been saying that there are no exchange transfusions around –…

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Alone in OPD

Praburam was off today as he was down with a bad fever and cold and scratchy throat and I was left to fend for myself in OPD. Luckily, even though it was busy, I managed to finish off all the work with not many problems. Just another day and another reason to praise God for!

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Goodbye Valli

Valli’s baby has been with us for a month now. She is frail, premature, weighs about 1 kg and today we finally had to make the tough decision – she wouldn’t make it. The parents have been very, very caring and even today they were hoping… but all of us knew that the baby wouldn’t make. She had showed great endurance and courage – ventilation, jaundice, apnea, sepsis, recurrent intestinal bleeds, a failing liver, oxygen dependancy, hypoglycemia, anemia…… the list is looooong…. but finally her frail body was giving up – she was just too premature and sick. the parents were out of money and we were out of medical ideas and options. They left sad but not disheartened –…

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Shot in the Arm

Another kid who had an accident at home! Grampa used an airgun to scare monkeys away and left the gun carelessly in the house. Eight year old kid picks it up and shoots herself in the arm. She comes into the ER with a little pain and some swelling. an Xray confirmed our fears – the metal pellet was lodged in her arm – thats the white blob that you see right next to the bone. She now needs a surgery to remove it!I was appalled at the lack of remorse by the grandfather! This child could have ended up dead, blink or seriously sick but was lucky!! I guess God watches over the kids even if their grampas don’t!(But…

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Praburam and I try hard to manage all the children ourselves in our hospital and never refer a child. If we need a second opinion we usually send them to Vellore to meet one of our Professors or Specialists we know.Right now we have a baby on a ventilator and it will be at least three days before we can take him off it. Then out of the blue – TWINS! Born at 32 weeks and very tiny. Both of them had severe breathing difficulty and my gut feeling was that they would not hold on for too long. So I made a couple of phonecalls and sent them in an hour to another hospital. It was a wise decision…

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The uncertainty of life – Rabies

This video is not for the weak hearted. This child had a dog-bite a couple of months ago and did not receive his vaccinations.He now has full blown rabies. he has both aerophobia and hydrophobia – fear of air and water. The child died the next day.I strongly recommend that you vaccinate your dog and in case of a dog bite see a doctor to decide what to do. Delay and ignorance mean death. Click here to see the video.

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