Oh! The joy of mixing and matching and ending up with something awesome…. and the joy of sharing it with someone you love! I was hit by a brainwave after lunch and whipped together dessert from whatever we had at home. Heres the menu:
1. Slice bananas brought from the local streetside market into cute looking cups.
2. Take the few pieces of cherry still lying in the fridge and throw them in.
3. Scour the kitchen cupboard, locate resins a few cashew and some walnuts and literally chip them in
4. Top up with honey stolen from Motherin-Laws house in Kodaikanal.
5. Place them strategically on the table, take a picture as proof of the effort.
6. Offer it to someone you love with a smile, snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy!!
Thats it – the best part was showing off the skillz and the dessert to Becky and polishing it off with her!!
I’m sure looking at that pic has your mouth watering – hope your keyboard is water-proof!
For more pics about my kitchen adventures click here

Author: Benji

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