Burnt tea

I love making tea. Today Becky was held up at work and I came home a few minutes before her. So I decided to make some tea for both of us. Simple task! Pour in the water and the milk and the tea leaves and some sugar and it was lying there on low heat on the stove. Then I got the phonecall – it took me 2 minutes to complete it. And yes… those 2 precious minutes was all it took to forget about the tea simmering on the stove. Soon the house was filled with the aroma of burnt tea and I hurriedly switched off the stove and attempted to clean the mess. The countertop and stove were soon clean – but the vessel? After a brief effort I decided it deserved a place in my blog and with a heart full of sadness and in a kitchen full of smoke I clicked it on my mobile and there – the whole wwworld can now see it. Becky came in a few minutes after that and yes… she was cool about it. We made some more tea and really enjoyed it!!

Author: Benji

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