Letter from Appa – Gods Miracle

Its always very encouraging to get an email about Gods miraculous ways and even better when its from your parents.
Appa sent me this email today. Hope it encourages you too!
“Dear Children,
This morning we went to Indian Immigration department and met the Deputy Director. After verifying the papers he wrote a note to Immigration officer to extend the Visa till 07/09/2008. We got the token and waited for our turn. The officer (a lady) seeing the Deputy Director’s note was upset and said “why you want to extend your visa…there are people waiting for more than 3 years and your approved papers have not yet come from New Delhi”. We just kept quiet. She was arguing with other Immigration officers and tried her best to ignore her boss’ instruction. Hearing her noise the Chief Immigration officer came out of the office and showed the immigration law where it said if person is married to an Indian and has stayed in India for more than 20 years, can get their visa extended in their City office and need not wait for approval from New Delhi. She had no other choice than to prepare amma’s paper. Amma’s visa was approved and we paid for 2 years from 2006…that too for Multiple Entry Visa! We have to go tomorrow afternoon and collect the passport with visa stamped. Keep praying for tomorrow’s passport collection also.
What a marvellous God….it is just a God’s miracle. We went and thanked the Deputy Director of Immigration. We recollected Jeyanth-Rebecca’s wedding theme ‘In His Time” and Rev. Santharaj’s message during engagement from Ecclesiastes 3:1to8. The same sort of God’s miracle happened when we wanted to attend Arun’s wedding…that time Amma’s passport and visa had expired and were not renewed for 8 years!
Thanks for all your prayers.
With love,

Author: Benji

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