Becky @ the retreat

Today was the longest Becky and I were away from each other. I was on duty so i was stuck at the hospital and Becky went for a retreat organized by the hospital at a place 1 hour away. The day was quite eventful I started off early and went to church at 7.30 AM when Becky left for the retreat. I got no calls during the church service. Unfortunately I wasnt so lucky the rest of the day. Rounds took a long time and I had to squeeze in some shopping, cleaning and cooking (yes…. I said cooking). There were frequent interruptions and lots of sick children. Becky too came back tired but we had a joyful reunion (the 10 hours seemed like 10 days!). Even though we were tired look at the positives for the day:
– I managed to go to church
– Becky organised the games @ the retreat and they went on well
– Becky learnt lots of stuff (biblical, spiritual, political and hospital-related)
– At the end of the days all the kids were doing better
– I was home when Becky came and managed to make tea!
– I actually made my own lunch!!
– We stocked up on vegetables
Actually the list will keep going on – even busy times are a time when spiritually you are refreshed!

Author: Benji

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