The truth can be hard!

I dunno whether it was a secret…. but today it was out and official – Aruns first reaction when he saw Beckys photo after we decided to get married. (Arun is my brother and is married to Lisa). The cat flew out of the bag as expected when 2 young ladies were talking on the phone – as is usual to happen when 2 ladies start talking!! The 2 ladies were Becky and Lisa and after the conversation I was officially introduced to the sentence my brother had proclaimed almost a year ago when Becky and I decided to get married.
“How on earth did someone like Jeyanth end up with such a pretty girl”
{{A minute of silence to let it sink in}}
The score
Me: -1
Lisa: -1 (for spilling the beans)
Becky: +5
Arun: -10 (I’m in a nasty mood!)
The next revelation from Lisa:
“I once told Arun that he needs to tell something nice about me once in a while and he replied saying – OK just write up a few good things and stik it on the wall and I’ll tell ’em once in a while”
The final score
Me: -1 (no change)
Lisa: +9 (she deserves a lot more respect Arun)
Becky: +10 (well she has to get the top score!)
Arun: -100 (Bad line to say!)
Any comments!

Author: Benji

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