The ‘POWER’ of worship

I was leading worship in church after a break of 3 months. We met up an hour early and practised.
As we entered the third song, the power went off and the lights and the fans stopped. The projector, mixer and sound still worked on backup for a few minutes. I could hear the beep indicating that this too would stop in a few minutes. Pastor and Rabin Chacko went out to fiddle with something. Halfway through “Shout to the Lord”, everything went blank.  Since this was a familiar song, we continued. Then magically in less than  a minute, everything came on except the projector. Anisha walked up and reswitched the backup UPS and switched on the projector and soon “Jesus, All for Jesus” was displayed and we continued worship without a break! I only paused for a word of thanks to God and the church members who helped spontaneously!
I guess there is “power” in worship!
I’ll have to figure out why the generator didn’t come on and how to minimise the downtime if this happens again. I’m thankful that God used this downtime to show us that He is in control!

Author: Benji

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