Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done

Today was a positive, interesting time leading worship at Church.

The Gang

With summer vacation, it was difficult to find people to help. D offered to help – she had just started helping with the worship team a week ago. J had also texted saying she will practice and join on Sunday. K was a little unsure. After a little texting PM said she could do sound mixing. So I texted the final song list and was just doing a solo practice at home on Sunday evening, when GK called and said he’ll drop in at home for a brief run through and also catch J for the practice. We had a good practice. Somewhere in the middle, GK also managed to inspire GC to join on Sunday – she has never been part of the worship team, but was interested. So overall, things looked acceptable on Saturday evening.

The Car

With my car in Kodaikanal, getting to Church early was not easy. I sent a request to friends. CS and GC were willing to give his car if someone could take them. Finally SH lent his spare car and this meant I could leave really early to go to Bagayam and pick up PM and D and scoot to church- a trip that took over an hour! As CS and GC still had their car, they came in early to help too. Finally J and GK dropped in too. VM finished a night duty with a delivery and drove 20 KM to get to church on time. This meant PM could also help with vocals. You may need to read this paragraph multiple times to figure out how the jigsaw pieces fell into place together!!

The Worship time

I’ll requote from what I shared on our Church website.

“The Lords Prayer is probably the most often uttered prayer on this planet, be it as words or as song. I was listening to the song multiple times during a late night solo drive from Chennai to Vellore and I was gripped with the beautiful words in this prayer. Your kingdom come, Your will be done is such an intense and deep prayer. We need to open the eyes of our hearts to discover Gods will and surrender to His will. Almost paradoxically, we experience true freedom when we surrender to His will – freedom from the slavery of fear and the amazing experience of being a child of God. We can give Him all the power and the

glory and shout to the Lord. In closing today we pondered on the fact that when we surrender to His will, He will take care of us – an assurance that will help us make it through every trial, trouble and temptation!
It was lovely matching scripture to lyrics as I prepared for leading worship – the powerpoint has relevant Bible verses for each line of No Longer Slaves”
Song List
1. Come on and Celebrate
2. Open the eyes of my heart
3. No longer slaves
4. The Lords Prayer
5. Shout to the Lord
6.God will take care of you

Worship Audio – Worship Powerpoint

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