Gods Gift

I wonder how people can be grateful after a doc pulls out half her teeth!! Well, a dentist is the expert at that and Becky must be one of the best!! Dr. Juliet’s mom had to have all her teeth pulled out in 3 sittings and today was her first section. To make a long story short it was expected to be difficult but Becky with her talent and patience did an awesome job. So why am I bragging…?
It happened when we dropped into Juliets OPD on the way back. Her mom was resting there after the dental extraction and beamed brightly when we walked in. After a little chit-chat she turned to me and said, pointing at Becky, “Gods gift to you!!”. I nodded my head vigorously. Fully agree!!! Wonder how she found out the truth after a dental extraction though….. God uses weird ways to reinforce the truth…. and I’m one lucky guy!!

Author: Benji

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