To church on time!

Nothing too fancy about this title right. Wrong!!
Becky and I woke up at 7.20 only and the church service starts at 8 AM. We hurriedly got ready, made coffee, bit into some breakfast and left home at 8.30 feeling a little guilty. We reached the church and noticed that a lot of people were coming out and a lot were just entering it!! Weird…..
A little inquiry revealed that from today the church timings were altered. – 7:30 AM was the English service for 1 hour followed by the Tamil service. As we hadn’t been to church for a couple of weeks, we were not aware of this change.
We had an awesome time at church and also realized how much God cares for us – even when we are lazy, He has a plan and at the same time shows us the need to be more punctual to church. Becky and I resolved to go to church in time from next week and also to take more active part in the church activities. Hope we keep up the enthusiasm! IF you’re reading this do say a prayed for us and our attending Church!

Author: Benji

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