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He is risen!

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J’s Instruction Manual

J is Beckys cousin and we were staying at their home in Udaipur while we were vacationing in Rajasthan. J has done extremely well in life and from humble beginnings as an Engineer, at 37 years in the Vice President of his company and is well settled. Inspite of his busy schedule and travel he spends quality time with family. All the money and fame has still kept the family very much down-to-earth. “I used to think a few years ago that I could never own my own new car. I got a second-hand Maruti800 and that was the best I could do I thought!” Today he zips around in either a Honda CRV or a Toyota Corolla and is…

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Its funny – the stuff you learn from life that you already knew but it hits you hard when it actually happens!So what happens when you let a cup of curd just stay there for 1 week? You’re right – it becomes unbelievably curdled and inedible! thats a fact that i knew, but I really discovered it today.i’d forgotten about a cup of curd that I had made last week and forgot all about it. So it lay covered in the warm kitchen corner till today when i decided to throw it out. So how did it look? The picture kinda shows you what it looked like! Trust me – it smelt worse than it looks. In a jiffy i…

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Dr. Winston leaves

It happened without the least warning. Just as we finished Grand Rounds and were walking towards the library Dr. Winston (my colleague pediatrician) told me that he was leaving and today would be his last working day. He was moving to a Hospital at Perambalur with his wife. It took a long time for me to digest the news. That would mean that I would be alone and on call every day (Dr. Winston had done that for 3 years so it wasnt too worrying). What concerned me more was that I would find it very difficult to take leave for my wedding shopping and my marriage. I was also concerned that once Becky and I shifted in together after…

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I was reflecting on this week and realised that so many people are actually praying for MY exams and keep on encouraging me. The list is endless and I wont attempt to mention it all.Boopalan uncle and aunty from church told me “You are on our regular prayer list Benji. Now that we’ve retired and have no work, we have taken up praying for people as our job. WE PRAY FOR YOU EVERYDAY!”Everybody I bump into enquires if studies are going on OK.Today there was a paper reading in the department on a topic quite relevant to my exams. It almost got cancelled because the Nursery was really busy, but simply because it would be useful for me, everyone took…

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Fear, friends, links, games, SMS and spyware

Today raw fear about the exams hit me quite hard just before I packed up from the library to return to my room. I am pretty nervous about the exams, but for a few minutes I experienced how unprepared and worthless I seemed. In a way it’s good, but I hope that it spurs me on to study more…The best part of today was bumping into Santosh – my classmate at college. He’d been in Australia for a 6-month fellowship and had come back just a week ago. We talked in hushed tones in the library where we met and caught up on happenings. His career looks all set to take off and I hope he does well. I pondered…

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Been looking for innovative and newer ways to get my sites noticed more on the wwweb. I’ve never tried pay-per-click search engine placements, but finally I got tempted with this site – which gives $5.00 free for advertising! So technically if I bid 1 cent for my site keywords per click, then I get 500 targetted visitors to my site. There are no extra fees or stuff – so I get debited only when someone searches for a keyword attached to my site and then actually scans the replies and clicks on my site link based on the title and description. Hopefully this means only genuine visitors will actually visit my site and spend time on it. What attracted…

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The band that has really caught my attention the last week has been DOWNHERE.A couple of months ago Arpudh bragged about the band and then I listened to this awesome son called “The more” on air1’s radio station and I got hooked. As usual none of their CDs were available in India and finally I caught a great deal on Ebay and received 2 of their albums. Last week, I finally got down to listening to their self-titled debut album and it blew me away – both musically and lyrically. These guys have in-your-face lyrics that do not dilute or mask the message they preach. Catchy vocals and riffs and a strong message run through the whole album and I…

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My music chart for August

Another month has flown by!That means I need to decide what my favorite music for this month was. Lol… this month flew by so fast that I dont even remember what all albums I listened to. Lemme try to make a list though…Top 10 Songs for August1. Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew2. Raincoat – Downhere3. Matchless – Aaron Shust4. This Man – Jeremy Camp5. Calmer of the Storm – Downhere6. Winds of Change – Kutless7. Only one thing – Todd Agnew8. God is Great – Hillsongs9. Good People – Audio Adrenaline10. Made to Worship – Chris Tomlin Top 5 albums for July1. Downhere – Downhere2. Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew3. SonicFlood – SonicFLood4. Bloom – Audio Adrenaline5. Shout…

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Friendship Day

I got this SMS from Latha on occasion of Friendship day:“GOD has gifts 4 U: a KEY 4 every problem, a LIGHT 4 every shadow, a PLAN 4 every 2morrow and a JOY 4 every sorrow. Enjoy God’s gifts 2day. GoodMorning and happy friendship day”I really liked it! Thanx Latha for the thoughtful SMS. Great to have a friend like you!!Peace!

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