This is where I stand….. again!

I’d come back to Vellore last night to attend the Church Retreat today. I woke up sleepily and soon Koshi & I scooted off in an auto to church (chomping bread) and loaded lots of stuff into the big bus and then, after stopping off at the hospital and college campuses, a loaded bus along with a line of cars twisted around narrow paths to PRAVAHAM – a quiet Retreat Center.
And at Pravaham… I discovered where I stood – spiritually.
I really cant put my finger on what some magic verse /song / part of the message that opened my eyes so much. But at the end of the day, I just knew where I needed more strength, where I was doing well and where I needed more guidance. The obstacles and clouds that stood in the way were clearer. Doubts I had were clarified and I felt the urge to draw closer to Christ.
And no…. it wasnt a serious, monotonous day. We had great fun!! Rigging up the equipment for the worship, last minute work on the powerpoints, loads of singing on the bus with 2 guitars, coaxing a cow to move out of the path, patiently waiting for coffee and plenty of humor punctuated the day.
Arun Andrews has a wonderful way of communicating with the audience and connecting with them – putting across difficult to comprehend truths in simple words.
At the end of the day I was tired but satisfied. I have plenty of time in the next few days to work on things I learnt.
This is where I stand…… today!

Author: Benji

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