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Three Kings Store

Every time I need to choose a Christian gift item i either have to go to the local Christian store here or order it by ebay from the US and ship it. I’ve always hoped that I could find a store right here in India with the kind of gifts I find on ebay but not have to wait for it to be shipped from the US with expensive shipping costs. Finally I found one. My friend Praveen just started an online store with Christian goodies ranging from bracelets to candle stands at the Three Kings Store. i had a long chat with him and I hope the store does well. Browse through it and you’ll see why I’m excited!Three…

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Kevin shared this in church today. He narrated how he got admission to PSG College which initially seemed really difficult. part of the reason was the reservation for communities called BC (Backward Community), FC (Forward Community), OC (Other Community) and so on.To cut the story short, beyond his expectations he got into college!He ended testimony saying this:“OC, BC, FC… whatever…. I belong to JC (Jesus Christ)!”Woah! i finally got a partner for my Christian Punchline book!!

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A thank you note

This is one of the best perk in being a doctor – when you get a thank you note from one of your patients. And when the thank you note is attached to a large pineapple cream cake, the joy is enormous. Ananthara came to us more than a year ago for a simple check up when I found out she also had delayed developmental milestones and a squint. Since then she has made immense progress and the mother has been faithfully bringing her for therapy and they have made a couple of visits to CMC.Today was her second birthday and she came and gave us this beautiful (and delicious) cake.Incidents like these really encourage me to continue to be…

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Showers of blessing

It all started at midnight when a shower of guests landed up for a midnight weekend party and we were all showered with fried chicken, coke, french fries, banana milk shake and cake.At lunch it showered prawn curry and fried rice.The afternoon saw the first showers of rain that I had seen in Trichy in a few months!The evening saw an incredible shower of blessings – at church when we had a special prayer and then we met the pastor – an incredibly personal experience that is hard to put in words!It was an awesome way to end the day – few days have been as exotic as today was.yp – and today was my birthday!

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Incredibly ambitious, Incredibly spacious and Incredibly ‘God’ious

(Warning: Incredibly long blog entry coming up!)It all started off as an inkling of a thought all the way at the back of our heads when my dad lent his Maruti800 to us for 3 months. I discovered that I could actually drive it. Soon the luxury of 4 wheels sank in and 2 wheels (aka my Kinetic Honda) started gathering dust and risked becoming obsolete. Could we actually buy a new car? The research and calculations started. Unfortunately car companies seem to be producing more new cars everyday! We started off with a Santro in mind and naturally the i10 appealed more – almost clinched it for us once the i10 kappa range rolled out. Er… how about the…

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So how long does it take to prepare a 15 minute drama which is supposed to be the highlight of the Hospital Day celebrations, includes sound effects, lots of props, plenty of comedy, has interwoven movie dialogues and pure slapstick comedy. Two late nights of script-writing, scouring around for some props, google searches for dialogues and soundeffects and one practise session later we had everything worked out.The screams of voices, applause, whistles and cheers that greeted us when we walked on stage and continued throughout this comedy skit was proof that we did well. Noone expected the doctors to let down their hair, throw caution to the winds and let loose on stage with this kind of comedy and fun!…

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Cricket under the blazing sun – that was the highlight of today. It was a part of the hospital sports celebration (in view of the hospital day coming up).The action packed 12 over match saw me taking an impressive catch (even the tree branches couldn’t stop me), being the batsman with the highest strike rate ( 2 runs off 2 balls = strike rate of 100%), help run out Ben and also end up on the losing side. The hero of the match was Rajendran – the single over he bowled ensured we lost the match as the ball disappeared out of the ground several times!Other activities made sure we were all well-dehydrated at the end of it all and…

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Playing in the rain!

So its only kids who love to play in the rain stomping around puddles sliding through wet sand and getting drenched and dirty??!Hmmmm….. then all of us must’ve just revisited our childhood. Through a stiff drizzle there we were playing shuttle badminton on the sand court like there was no tomorrow!We kicked up a lot of muck but refused to stop and at the end – there we were – wet and muddy and sweating – sweat, mud and rain merging together!!So its only kids who love to play in the rain stomping around puddles sliding through wet sand and getting drenched and dirty??! You may want to reconsider that??!

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A food story

This is the sequence of events. Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some regular stuff. I got everything except the Idli Maavu (for making breakfast the next day) which was not available. Becky had already made the Saambhar for the idli and for lunch last night (she normally makes it only in the morning or at lunchtime). As the maavu was not there we had bread for breakfast and so there was extra unused saambhar which we decided to use for dinner. Becky got really late at work today and we felt happy that the food had already been cooked so we could get to eat lunch straightaway!Now the miracle does not stop there!I got a call for…

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Another day of manys!

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday but turned out to be actioned packed.Wake-up call:We woke up late. Now there may be excuses for this, but I think we should get a little more organised and wake up in time for church on Sundays.Joseph comes in:Joseph a Christian friend from Vellore dropped in suddenly to visit me. He’d been promising to do that for a few weeks. It was nice to see him. I love his faith and simplicity and I was awe-struck that he made the overnight trip just to see me. We traded stories and Becky made some awesome food inspite of no notice and we had a blessed timeShuttle time…. again:We got to thrash around again…

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