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Remember, God looks at your heart …… not at your Facebook profile. So honour Him in all that you do…. not just in all that you post. — Benji (@a2jesus) August 13, 2016

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Fear View Mirror

My tweet for the day! Objects in the Fear View Mirror are actually smaller than they appear. Let Faith overcome Fear. #jesus #ross #addicted2jesus — Benji (@a2jesus) July 22, 2016

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Ooh the joy of having a dentist as a mom! J now prays this every night.“Dear Jesus, Make all the black hearts white hearts by your precious blood. Make all the bad people good people and make all the dirty teeth as clean teeth.”I hope God is listening! I am sure he is!!

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I’m not even sure if it is spelt Mathew or Matthew, but he is the guy who made Grahams trip to India possible. He’s just a regular guy in a shirt and jeans. I met him for twenty minutes during dinner with Graham on Saturday and I must accept that today I feel that he has impacted my life as much as Graham did over the weekend. After spending 9 years in the UK he made a choice to come back to India to serve and follow Gods calling. He came back about 4 months ago and had his first child 2 months ago. I know how huge such a change is – We barely managed to tolerate the move…

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A weekend with Graham Kendrick

Its always nice to meet someone who has influenced your choice of music. And when I knew Graham Kendrick was coming to Vellore, I knew it would be an awesome weekend.“Shine, Jesus, Shine” was one of the first songs I had learnt at TAMI with India YFC. “Servant King” was one of the first new song I learnt at CMC as it had CMCs motto in the first verseSo after grabbing my tickets and registrations from Roshan I was fully prepared for friday night after 2 sleepless nights in the nursery. I left work an hour early, grabbed a power nap and we scooted off to Scudder Auditorium. We were very lucky to get seats! “An Evening With Graham” was…

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Discovering Rend Collective

Today, as we drove to church, a store, a lunch get-together at Bagayam and then back home, the predominant music playing in the car was by Rend Collective.Stumbling on to the band was semi-accidental.When we were in Chennai last year, we worshipped at a church called Ashraya. The worship leader led in a very lively song that stuck in my mind for weeks and then slowly faded away. In November 2014, my sister visited us at Vellore with her family. As we caught up and did lots of exciting things, we also played some songs that our children liked. J said that K loved this song and then played a video for us from youtube – the song was “Build…

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The ‘POWER’ of worship

I was leading worship in church after a break of 3 months. We met up an hour early and practised.As we entered the third song, the power went off and the lights and the fans stopped. The projector, mixer and sound still worked on backup for a few minutes. I could hear the beep indicating that this too would stop in a few minutes. Pastor and Rabin Chacko went out to fiddle with something. Halfway through “Shout to the Lord”, everything went blank.  Since this was a familiar song, we continued. Then magically in less than  a minute, everything came on except the projector. Anisha walked up and reswitched the backup UPS and switched on the projector and soon “Jesus,…

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Every now and then someone pops a word at you that simply sticks in your head and makes you think. I’ve been thrown a lot of these words that I have added to my personalised dictionary.The latest such word that I was introduced to was “GodSighting”. It was Jenni who brought up this word at the Bible study today and it simply stuck in my head!GodSighting: Actively looking for God in our everyday life-happenings.It’s amazing how much God does in our lives everyday and we simply seem to mis it! Actively looking for the little things that God does just makes us more in awe of Him. Something as ‘regular’ as a walk back from work or a cooking session…

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My Ten Favorite Christmas Carols

Christmas has dawned and I now have time to think about the songs I enjoyed the most this season!I’ve been hearing them everywhere – in the shopping malls, on the radio, on TV and even over my iphone. So Here’s a countdown of my top 10 Christmas Carols. I’ll start at number 10 and then count down to no. 1! Click here to read the list of my ten favorite Christmas carols

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Three Kings Store

Every time I need to choose a Christian gift item i either have to go to the local Christian store here or order it by ebay from the US and ship it. I’ve always hoped that I could find a store right here in India with the kind of gifts I find on ebay but not have to wait for it to be shipped from the US with expensive shipping costs. Finally I found one. My friend Praveen just started an online store with Christian goodies ranging from bracelets to candle stands at the Three Kings Store. i had a long chat with him and I hope the store does well. Browse through it and you’ll see why I’m excited!Three…

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