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Discovering Trichy

Trichy is not as boring as you think it is. It has some neat places you can hang out in. I thought I’ll blog about a few of these places once in a while.Christmas is just round the corner and a good Christian bookstore is a boon for some shopping.OM bookhouse near Puthur junction is a great place for some Christian shopping. It’s right opposite KMC hospital, but is tucked in a little so you may miss it. The place is not very large but well maintained, clean and the stuff is neatly arranged. Its got a HUGE collection of books, LOTS of music and some art, wall hangings, keychains etc. We had a pretty good time browsing through the…

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Free Downhere album for you!

My last post about Downhere was a couple of years ago. I still love them, but never got hold of any of their newer albums… till today. I literally stumbled onto a legal copy of the “Wide Eyed and Mystified” album from Musichristian. The album has one of my all-time favorites “A better way”. I’ll skip the suspense and take you straight to the download link:Click here to Download the album “Wide-Eyed and Mystified” by Downhere for free! I’ll leave you with the lyrics for “A Better Way” by Downhere:I’m not alone, I really believeYou never go, You never leaveHere and now, You always stay“I love you” could not be said a better way It’s everything You’ve promisedThere’s no greater…

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The Power of Your Love

I’ve been experimenting with shooting a few videos on the digital camera. I shot these in Kumarakom when we saw nature at its best. Sunsets, backwaters, beaches, trees, clouds, water – these video clips were taken at a place called Kumarakom. Relaxing in natures lap away from work, stress and tension made us realize the true beauty of Gods creation! The video is set to the song “Power of Your Love” by Darlene Zschech and has the lyrics. Be blessed! For more videos visit:

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Six strings!

At 4 PM there we were – on the car clutching our own six-string: a Pluto Hardwood acoustic guitar that Appa and Amma had presented to us for our Anniversary. Its an amazing story.We’d decided to buy a guitar this weekend when we were in Chennai. As soon as we reached home Appa and Amma presented us a huge card and in it was some money – “Buy what you want” It took us 3 seconds to decide to buy a guitar. At the store we bought a guitar that cost almost twice as much – Becky and I thought we’d pitch in the extra cash! But Appa refused and paid the full cost! It was worth every rupee spent…

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Call on Jesus

I’ve been doodling with Windows Media Player ever since Jitto told me about it when he was here. I decided to try and make a video presentation of asong I like a lot – Call on Jesus by Nicole C Mullen. Well the process took a lot more time than I expected and the end results are now blogworthy.I’m not embedding the video here as it usually slows down the pageloading. Click here to see my maiden attempt with Windows Movie Maker: Call on Jesus!

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Who am I

My brother Arun emails me only when necessary and usually its very short and to the point! Today I got an unusual 1 line email. Both the subject and the body had this link Yup its a youtube video. I waited patiently for the video and the next 5 minutes simply blew my mind away! This choreography performed to the song Who am I by Casting Crowns is too amazing for words. Click the link below to watch it.Casting Crowns Who Am I choreography performed by UPCI Youth group

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Another day of manys!

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday but turned out to be actioned packed.Wake-up call:We woke up late. Now there may be excuses for this, but I think we should get a little more organised and wake up in time for church on Sundays.Joseph comes in:Joseph a Christian friend from Vellore dropped in suddenly to visit me. He’d been promising to do that for a few weeks. It was nice to see him. I love his faith and simplicity and I was awe-struck that he made the overnight trip just to see me. We traded stories and Becky made some awesome food inspite of no notice and we had a blessed timeShuttle time…. again:We got to thrash around again…

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“Everlasting God”

We’d planned as a large family (Rosses, Tituses and the Pauls) to sing a special number in church today – “Everlasting God”. We’d done a little practice on Friday but there was a lot of room for improvement. BEcky hadnt yet practiced with us and so we met up in church a little earlier and all of us practiced the song a couple of times. Beckys brother PEter also managed to join us.Well, after a little goof up with the announcement slide and after the bass guitar conked out we sang our hearts out and really enjoyed it because the song was so beautiful and appropriate to happenings in the last few weeks. I played the drums (after a very…

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Altec Lansing Service center

My Altec Lansing speakers had conked out a few weeks ago and I had to lug it with me to Chennai to get it to the service center. Appa and I located the center and gave in the speakers for repair and we also managed to locate a DTP center to type out one of the tamil songs we were gonna use for the Engagement. A cuppa coffee later my speakers were repaired and as good as new (hopefully!!)I spoke to Becky about the quickest route to get there and my dad then dropped me off at Mount Road and went home. I had a pretty loooong wait for the bus and was pretty impatient. Finally I got one and…

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October Music Chartz

So soon… another month has zipped by.My Top 10 Songs for October1. Faith Like That – Jonah332. A Better Way – Downhere3. Stand in the Rain – Superchic[k]4. Noone Else – Building4295. Working Man’s Hands – Jonah336. Atmosphere – TobyMac7. More Love, More Power – Jeff Deyo8. La Bible – Apologetix9. Blessed be the Name – Tree6310. Rebirthing – Skillet My Top 5 artists for October1. Jonah332. Downhere3. Hillsongs4. TobyMac5. Building429 Now I’m ready to step into November – more music, new place etc etc… and still too lazy to blog

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