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Happy New Year

You’ll need to know the history of my cajon to understand this wish… and if you don’t, well it’s too long a story to blog.

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A memorable 10 day visit to Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. My biggest achievement was coming back with my name unchanged. Or maybe not A sprinkling of NICU, deliveries, NRP, community visits, training, opd. I felt I received more than I could give. The reality of healthcare is starker than it looks.

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I had to wake up super early this morning to work on a deadline and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Vellore comes across as a dry, crowded, dusty place and moments like these are a precious reminder that beauty is there – you just have to look for it!

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Modern wonder

Today is one day when I am glad I was born in the modern era. I needed a couple of complicated dental extractions and my mind was numb with fear as images of people screaming, getting drowned in blood and needing to be tied down flooded my mind. But that was thousands of years ago.The only thing that was numb was my mouth and gums. All I needed to do was lie down with my mouth open and brilliant Dr. Saurabh took care of the rest. A few deft jabs to get the local anaesthesia in and even though the extractions were pretty difficult with brittle teeth remnants and complicated roots I could close my eyes and be a little…

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Post Independence

After celebrating 68 years of Independence on August 15th, lots of people were chatting and facebooking about what has changed after Independence. Ironically this full page front page ad on the post independence day newspaper seems to sum up what is so wrong with our society. The ad involves a top newspaper, a well known jewellery store and two well known celebrities. You would expect the message to be positive given that it was the day after all the Independence Day celebrations.Unfortunately this ad is wrong on so many levels it’s almost impossible to blog about it. This ad could  be legally banned in a lot of countries.At a time when womens equality is a norm and people are professing…

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I’ve hit the restart button on my blog and am considering blogging again. I don’t expect me to be as active as before, but hope to share thoughts and bits of my life.Its been a few years since my last entry – so hope I can keep the flow going!

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My Ten Favorite Christmas Carols

Christmas has dawned and I now have time to think about the songs I enjoyed the most this season!I’ve been hearing them everywhere – in the shopping malls, on the radio, on TV and even over my iphone. So Here’s a countdown of my top 10 Christmas Carols. I’ll start at number 10 and then count down to no. 1! Click here to read the list of my ten favorite Christmas carols

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Nice birthday – parents and parents-in-law at home, buffet dinner yesterday, special cake, plenty of phonecalls, FB messages, orkut scraps, SMS… and then… lone pediatrician at the hospital, 50 patients in OPD, 5 kids with seizures, a twin delivery, acting anesthetist for an ortho procedure, on call, 2 kids post-op and 2 kids planned for surgery…. loving it! It can’t get more exciting, right!

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Pray for India!

Its been a tumultuous year for India. There’s recession, political confusion, corruption, violence, terrorism, immorality, pollution and impatience lurking everywhere. And I almost forgot to add swine flu to that list! This Independence Day I had some time to ponder about where the country is headed. To be frank, experiences everyday and watching the news daily makes me really wonder if there is any hope at all. ‘Unity in Diversity’ seems to be an old-fashioned saying that has lost its meaning and charm. I wonder if we can even claim to be secular. Is the real enemy across the border or actually within us? Will there aver be a day when women are treated with the dignity they deserve? Will…

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A Godly punchline!

Sometimes the most awesome truths just blurt out of my mouth and I wonder where it came from. Divine intervention!!We were at a family get-together. As we were still the newly married couple (self proclaimed!) B and me were the center of attention. A rather tricky question was thrown at me: “So Jeyanth, when it all started, who made the choice first? Did you choose B or did B choose you?”.The answer came out in 0.00026 seconds!“Actually…. God chose us first!“Blink of an eye and an awesome truth dawned on everyone.Such words of wisdom inspire me to write a new book on Christian Punchlines! Wish me all the best!!

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