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A Godly punchline!

Sometimes the most awesome truths just blurt out of my mouth and I wonder where it came from. Divine intervention!!We were at a family get-together. As we were still the newly married couple (self proclaimed!) B and me were the center of attention. A rather tricky question was thrown at me: “So Jeyanth, when it all started, who made the choice first? Did you choose B or did B choose you?”.The answer came out in 0.00026 seconds!“Actually…. God chose us first!“Blink of an eye and an awesome truth dawned on everyone.Such words of wisdom inspire me to write a new book on Christian Punchlines! Wish me all the best!!

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Rejoice TV

I still don’t remember when I started trying to create a website and how I actually succeeded. But I do remember trying MS Word, then frontpage, cutting and pasting code, getting free scripts and creating my website and blog without knowing much HTML and absolutely no PHP, javascript etc. I’ve tried hard and the results don’t seem really bad at all!!So when my Dad was approached to help establish a Christian TV Network in Chennai, he requested me to create their website! I felt flattered but could not turn down the request. Inspite of my limitations I finally managed to get most of the website up and functional. I now understand the meaning of the quote “God does not look…

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The winds and the waves

Although I was on duty on Jan 1st we managed to go to church in the morning. The speaker was Freddy Joseph (I’ve already blogged about him a couple of times).For the sermon he had chosen the story of Jesus calming the storm while his disciples were in the ship.One of the highlights of his message was his thoughts on this verseThe men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”He said, ” You can see the waves but cannot see the wind. Both of these obeyed Jesus – Jesus had control over both these elements. Similarly in our lives Jesus has control over the seen and unseen problems in…

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A visit to my childhood

It used to be a sleepy little town – Virudhachalam. We stayed there for 1 year in 1980 where I started my schooling. My grandparents had stayed there most of their life and I have lots of childhood memories from that town. And finally after about 27 years I finally got to visit Virudhachalam again. The opportunity dawned since we had to visit a closeby place (Neyveli) for a wedding. It was a 4 hour drive from Trichy to Neyveli. On our way back we stopped at Virudhachalam and finally managed to locate the old house – I couldn’t even recognise it as it had been renovated in the front and a lot of shops had been built near the…

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Evan Almighty

I saw clips from this movie a few months ago in church (yes.. in church!)Its a modern day Noahs Ark comedy remake with a message. You can read the review for Evan Almighty here.My favorite part of the movie is this:There is a great scene, just past the mid-point of the movie, where Evan’s wife (Joan) who has just left Evan, speaks with God posing as a waiter in a restaurant.Joan: What is the story about, then? The ark?God: Well, I think it’s a love story about believing in each other. You know, the animals showed up in pairs. They stood by each other, side by side, just like Noah and his family. Everybody entered the ark side by side.Joan:…

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Fully licensed!

I finally got my Permanent 4-wheeler driving license today. Getting the license was not difficult – a couple of months ago I got my learners license after enrolling at a driving school and signing a few forms. Today, along with a few others from the driving school I drove down to the RTO office 10 km away and managed to finish off the formalities and the driving test.This was another day that God showed in subtle ways how much he cared.For one, a person who had come last week told me that the crowd the previous week was a lot and the queues were much longer.Also, the tests are conducted in the open – and in the even of rain…

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Showers of blessing

It all started at midnight when a shower of guests landed up for a midnight weekend party and we were all showered with fried chicken, coke, french fries, banana milk shake and cake.At lunch it showered prawn curry and fried rice.The afternoon saw the first showers of rain that I had seen in Trichy in a few months!The evening saw an incredible shower of blessings – at church when we had a special prayer and then we met the pastor – an incredibly personal experience that is hard to put in words!It was an awesome way to end the day – few days have been as exotic as today was.yp – and today was my birthday!

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Shifting webhosts

As a cost saving venture I decided to try out a new host called midpulse. I’ve never heard of them before but they seemed to have a decent uptime and some really low cost hosting. I shifted without much of a problem but am running into problems transferring The initial problems was with the mysql database server settings which I succesfully changed. The links section is working perfectly fine, but the traffic exchange is down. the script seems installed but I cant adjust the admin settings at all. My only option is now to trust out a new script and I hope the cost balances out. My old host graciously adjusted the last payment I made for the…

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… and God created woman!

I received this little snippet today and felt it was blogworthy.“The woman came out of a man’s rib – not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal, under his arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.”… and guess who I was thinking of when I read the last bit!

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After the incident-prone trip to Bangalore, the rest of the time turned out to be awesome!Hephzibah had planned out a lot of stuff well. Sunday morning saw us in church. and after that we were stuffing up hot chocolate doughnuts, mint coffee and more down our throats before we came back home.The kids then went crazy in the balcony till we were all breathless – I must have lost 20 years playing with them and becoming a kid myself!Lunch was an elaborate affair and the afternoon saw us resting. The evening and night was a time of catching up and yak-yakking as we traded all kinds of stories before we crashed out for the night.Monday saw us at the mall…

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