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Uh – oh…. did I actually do that??!!

I love helping out with the cooking…. usually. My specialties include beverages, grating and … the chutney – a minced paste of coconut, onions, chilly, ginger and some greens. It was my task to do the honors tonight and I started off great – no looking at the recipe; just straight off the head cooking. After carefully grating the coconut (someday I’ll let ya all know how I break the coconut) I put the mixture in a bowl and switched on the mixie to blend them together. The mixie roared into life as I turned on the power and it seemed strangely smooth… yup…. very smooth – because there wasnt anything in the jar!! Yes – I’d forgotten to put…

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Wet and empty handed!

Home needed two things for the night –1. Idli maavu (for dinner and breakfast)2. Tomatoes (for lunch tomorrow)We decided to scoot to a shop 10 minutes away and get our supplies. It was drizzling a ‘little’ and we felt it was OK. 30 seconds after we roared off on the bike the drizzle was a steady rain and it was getting worse. We literally rode into a shop just across the road where Becky jumped in to check for the idli maavu and I drove on to a small vegetable shop further down the road. The veg shop unfortunately did not have good tomatoes and I rode back to see Becky standing at the other shop entrance – empty handed;…

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Burnt tea

I love making tea. Today Becky was held up at work and I came home a few minutes before her. So I decided to make some tea for both of us. Simple task! Pour in the water and the milk and the tea leaves and some sugar and it was lying there on low heat on the stove. Then I got the phonecall – it took me 2 minutes to complete it. And yes… those 2 precious minutes was all it took to forget about the tea simmering on the stove. Soon the house was filled with the aroma of burnt tea and I hurriedly switched off the stove and attempted to clean the mess. The countertop and stove were…

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Oh! The joy of mixing and matching and ending up with something awesome…. and the joy of sharing it with someone you love! I was hit by a brainwave after lunch and whipped together dessert from whatever we had at home. Heres the menu:1. Slice bananas brought from the local streetside market into cute looking cups.2. Take the few pieces of cherry still lying in the fridge and throw them in.3. Scour the kitchen cupboard, locate resins a few cashew and some walnuts and literally chip them in4. Top up with honey stolen from Motherin-Laws house in Kodaikanal.5. Place them strategically on the table, take a picture as proof of the effort.6. Offer it to someone you love with a…

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