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Boldly I approach – worship at Peniel Tabernacle

It was touch and go – exams at VIT and incessant rains meant worship at church today could end up being minimalist. After a few text messages, the team was assembled. Dan hopped onto a bus at Bagayam and made it to Hospital before it rained too much. I picked her up and drove through slushy roads to pick up Sam. Andrew couldn’t join us as the bass guitar was not working. Arpudh whizzed in from Karagiri.We entered a dark church with no electricity. Power had been out 4 times since the morning and the generator was not working. We also didn’t have a laptop! Would we end up with acoustic worship as we struggled to remember full lyrics?! I’d…

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The ‘POWER’ of worship

I was leading worship in church after a break of 3 months. We met up an hour early and practised.As we entered the third song, the power went off and the lights and the fans stopped. The projector, mixer and sound still worked on backup for a few minutes. I could hear the beep indicating that this too would stop in a few minutes. Pastor and Rabin Chacko went out to fiddle with something. Halfway through “Shout to the Lord”, everything went blank.  Since this was a familiar song, we continued. Then magically in less than  a minute, everything came on except the projector. Anisha walked up and reswitched the backup UPS and switched on the projector and soon “Jesus,…

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The end of the service

It was a frustrating evening at church. I was on call and kept getting phonecalls during the service – all of them minor issues that could be settled over the phone. I missed most of the message and the worship. I decided to leave as soon as the message was over so i could rush back to the hospital just to make sure everything was OK. But Becky decided we’d stay till the very end and speak to the pastor. Grudgingly I obliged. At the end of the service after we had a pleasant chat with the pastor and his parents a lady walked up to me and asked me to see a child who was a little sick. The…

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Kevin shared this in church today. He narrated how he got admission to PSG College which initially seemed really difficult. part of the reason was the reservation for communities called BC (Backward Community), FC (Forward Community), OC (Other Community) and so on.To cut the story short, beyond his expectations he got into college!He ended testimony saying this:“OC, BC, FC… whatever…. I belong to JC (Jesus Christ)!”Woah! i finally got a partner for my Christian Punchline book!!

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A musical treat

One of the things I miss in Trichy is good music. Very rarely do we have bands or music programs happening here. A few days ago I bumped into Paul (I rarely meet him) and on casual inquiry found that a youth (teenagers) music program was scheduled on May 31st at St Johns Church in the morning service.My parents were here this weekend and we went to church and were treated to wholesome Christian music. There were about 10 songs and the girls who sang were amazing. Their vocals blended in unison and the parts were phenomenal. Wish I had recorded the audio to share with you all! I can leave you with just a picture but even that does…

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Showers of blessing

It all started at midnight when a shower of guests landed up for a midnight weekend party and we were all showered with fried chicken, coke, french fries, banana milk shake and cake.At lunch it showered prawn curry and fried rice.The afternoon saw the first showers of rain that I had seen in Trichy in a few months!The evening saw an incredible shower of blessings – at church when we had a special prayer and then we met the pastor – an incredibly personal experience that is hard to put in words!It was an awesome way to end the day – few days have been as exotic as today was.yp – and today was my birthday!

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Everlasting God

After weeks of postponing and very little practice Becky and I gave a special song at church today – “Everlasting God” (originally by Brenton Brown).The song was special to the two of us as it was the first song we had ever sung together. You can see me blog about that by clicking hereThe song was a blessing to the congregation and it also encouraged Becky and Me to take more active part in church and ministry – something we have not been doing very well!Click here if you would like to see Brenton Brown talk about what inspired him to write the song “Everlasting God” and teach you how to play the song on the guitar. Hope you are…

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The yo-yo effect!

Yo guys… I did it again today…. twice!We were off to church and I quietly passed the turning we had to take – 100 metres before Becky brought it to my notice. U-turn and there was the turning… 10 meters behind me! I had overshot again. Two rights do not make a right – this is ample proof of that saying. Five minutes later we were in church…. just in time for a closing prayer!! Duh…. whats happening!! Luckily we learnt that it was the Youth meeting that was just getting over and that the Church service would start in five minutes!Now thats too many double-surprises to take in one evening! But then as expected we had a blessed time…

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Good Friday at church

Inspite of staying up so late Becky and I along with S and J managed to go the the afternoon Good Friday service, It was a blessing and we enjoyed the 7 messages and the 3 special songs.Traditionally the 7 messages are on the Seven words Jesus spoke on the cross – but at church today the seven messages were the following1. Jesus in the hands of a religious man (Caiaphas)2. Jesus in the hands of a secular man (Pontius Pilate)3. Jesus in the hands of a cynical man (Herod)4. Jesus in the hands of a treacherous man (Judas)5. Jesus in the hands of a faithless man (Simon Peter)6. Jesus in the hands of erratic men (the crowd)7. Jesus on…

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Who am I

My brother Arun emails me only when necessary and usually its very short and to the point! Today I got an unusual 1 line email. Both the subject and the body had this link Yup its a youtube video. I waited patiently for the video and the next 5 minutes simply blew my mind away! This choreography performed to the song Who am I by Casting Crowns is too amazing for words. Click the link below to watch it.Casting Crowns Who Am I choreography performed by UPCI Youth group

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